The three-flute series of solid carbide end-mills have been developed with a long flute length for reaching into cavities while delivering high levels of rigidity and performance. Combining a centre cutting geometry with ITC’s latest chip-breaking technology, the new 3204 Series offers high material removal rates and surface finishes.

Manufactured from a high-performance micro-grain carbide composition that delivers high tool life and wear resistance, the performance of the premium grade carbide is maximised by the innovative geometry.

Developed in conjunction with its UK customer base, the 3204 Series incorporates a strengthened core diameter and efficient geometry design that rapidly expedites chips from the work envelope whilst minimising vibration and stabilising performance.

The cutters are available in diameters of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 mm and with an overall length of 100 mm for tools from 6 to 12 mm and an overall length of 150 mm for the 16 and 20 mm variants. This this provides a flute length from 35 to 80 mm, depending upon the chosen tool diameter, a factor that has already proven to increase stability, rigidity, longevity and overall performance over previous product lines. This proven overall length and flute length combination are the result of extensive trials and testing.