The combination of milling and turning technology in a single machine helps manufacturers improve productivity, accuracy and cost effectiveness, while the MILL P 800 U ST achieves perfect workpiece roundness, superior surface finishes and high material removal rates.

The 5-axis simultaneous MILL P 800 U ST is also capable of four-axis simultaneous turning, a capability often required by customers that need to have the cutting tool positioned at a 90° angle to the workpiece surface to avoid tool shape errors. The machine incorporates a 20,000 rpm HSK A63 spindle that is the industry’s fastest for a milling and turning machine of this size, the company claims.

Additionally, water-cooled torque motors on the A and C axes ensure accuracy and stability, while speed is enhanced through the axes’ 0.3-second clamp time in any position.

With the new machine’s gantry concept, the workpiece on the 500 by 730 mm table is fully accessible, without rotating the table. This eliminates errors related to table rotation and avoids the need for hand polishing. The toolchanger for the machine is also located so as to avoid moving the table during tool changes.

GF Machining Solutions’ Machine and Spindle Protection (MSP) facility adds security to the machining process by protecting the machine and spindle against crashing during set-up and machining. As the only system on the market to offer protection in all directions, MSP eliminates spindle damage, misaligned machine geometry, downtime and costs related to unexpected spindle crashes.

The MILL P 800 U ST is automation-ready and equipped with pallet changers for two, seven, nine or 12 pallets. Supplied with either a Heidenhain or Siemens control it can hold up 215 tools in its ATC. The machine can also be easily integrated into existing automation systems, including System 3R automation solutions.