According to the Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey conducted in October 2019, 89% of employees agree that Seco is a great place to work. One employee says Seco has “great family spirit,” adding “we have the freedom to decide what our best contribution is to the business.”

Understanding the perspective of employees is key to building a successful workplace environment. To determine an organisation’s ranking, Great Place to Work administers their Trust Index Survey to employees, which represents 3/4 of the final score.

Zoe Wood, HR manager at Seco Tools UK, explains that employee engagement is “not just about a regular pay cheque, a secure job, having an annual performance review... those things are important, but they are just a starting point”.

She continues: “In 2020, our work means more to us – it’s about feeling a passion for what you do, knowing that your work is developing you as a person, both professionally and personally. It’s about feeling coached and supported, it’s knowing your job is more than just a job – it’s a life choice.”

The remaining quarter of the score comes from the Culture Audit, a business-driven questionnaire that uncovers and evaluates the organisation's HR and leadership practices, policies and culture.

Seco stated values are Family Spirit, Personal Commitment and Passion for Customers. Through these values, Seco employees have built a culture of mutual care, wellbeing and respect, the company reports.